Friday, October 31, 2008


We got to dress up for work today - we had 2 Sarah Palins, one with a hockey stick, one with a fake baby and a drill.

There was also a guy dressed up like a Tom-Tom (whose name happens to be...Tom - nice!).

Several bees and a beekeeper, a woman covered in bread with a "winner" sign attached (get it?), a Pac Man and Ms. Pacman, and yours truly, the worlds' most awesome scarecrow.

Seriously, I'm pretty proud of this one. And who knows, maybe I'll win a prize?

We also had a potluck - I took a Mexi-Chicken crockpot dish, and so did someone else - ah, well. The desserts were off the chain. Now I could use a nap. And bad news, I'm here for another five hours.

Now that the frivolity of Halloween has passed, I'm starting to focus in on two things - one, my house is a wreck (though I got the kitchen and butler's pantry in working order as of last night) and two... this ELECTION.

And of course, after the election there's Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, the Inauguration, Super Bowl Sunday...

And it never ends.

I don't know - I'm in a damn fine mood today - probably something to do with all the carbs, but more than that, I just feel pretty hopeful.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I was told there would be no math...

Having spent 30 years in the Eastern Time zone, I am only now, having left, aware of how obnoxiously self-righteous those people are.

Now that I'm in Central, I have to adjust for the fact that primte time television starts an hour earlier (which does mean I don't fall asleep before SNL), and in the winter, during Daylight Savings, it gets dark way earlier. Think about this - Nashville isn't that much further west than Atlanta, and yet, there's an hour time difference.

All of this has come to a head today.

Since I work with people in all time zones, all over the world, I am mindful when scheduling appointments. But today, I got a bunch of guff from a colleague who kept telling me that something was going to take place 2:30-4:30...and then finally added... Eastern.

Not that I didn't know the clients are located in Charlotte, but since the two of us are sitting here in Nashville, a good seven hour drive from Charlotte, well, I think it was reasonable for me to assume that if he meant Eastern, he would convert the damn time when he was making the appointment, and not just assume I'm psychic.

I'm not.

Lest you think I'm inflexible, I have conducted training on Saturday mornings, sitting on my back porch. I have conducted training at night to appease some Australians.

Friggin time zones.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Geeks Unite - then, go home!

In the back of my mind, at some point I must have made the connection that new CD, DVD and Video Game releases happen on Tuesday. This was something that on some level, I knew, but it never served as information that affected me until Matt came into my life.

When we first started dating, Matt worked 1PM – 10PM as a news photographer, meaning that when he was getting off of work, I was very often copping Z’s, one time zone earlier. Back then, Tower Records was still around, and on Monday nights, they stayed open until midnight to sell anything set for Tuesday release. Though the specifics escape me, I know that on several occasions, Matt would drop by after work to pick up a CD or DVD of special interest.

Once Matt left news and picked up more regular hours, late-night trips to Tower slowed considerably. We still went to Tower, but mostly now on weekends. Shortly after we got married, Matt was out of town on some kind of work trip, and I stayed up late for a Midnight Run. The new season of Arrested Development was out on DVD and I wanted it. Well, as it turns out, they were having a late night concert at Tower, and I picked my way through the crowd only to learn that they didn’t have the damn thing. I ended up getting it at Target the next day. Curses!

But that was nearly 3 years ago. Since then, Tower has ceased to exist (as has Arrested Development, RIP) and we have aspired to keep more regular hours.

Until last night. For some time, Matt’s been excited about the release of the 3rd installment of a game he has been playing for at least a decade. Fallout 3 came out at midnight last night. Matt has had it on pre-order at the GameStop since September, and when he got a reminder call over the weekend, they mentioned a Monday Midnight release. So, as the nightcap to our vacation, we bundled up and trudged down to the GameStop, where we milled around with a dozen other geeks and picked up the collector’s lunchbox, containing the game, a book and a bobblehead. I scanned the room and named Matt “Most Likely to Get Laid”. Nothing against these guys – I married a member of the AV Squad – it was just funny. Suffice it to say, I was the only XX Chromosome in the place.

Matt didn’t start the game, and won’t until tonight, but I’m glad he’s excited. It will give him something to do while I strategerize about Thanksgiving. Which is now 30 days away. One pressing matter is settled, and that’s the ham – Dad found a smallish one. We don’t need it, but it breaks up the monotony from turkey, and Dad’s hams are…well, they’re amazing. Plus it means that Matt gets to play with fire, which he loves.

What is it about men and fire? On a recent camping trip, Matt and our friend Robert were obsessed with poking the fire. Tracey (Robert’s wife) and I commented that with guys, they live for that – poking fires as well as poking…well, other things. Never mind - it was kind of dirty, but you know I’m right!

I finally settled on a Halloween costume. I think it’ll be fun, if I can execute it. I spent a little money at Goodwill, Walgreens and Michael’s. I’ll leave it at that for now. I like to keep ‘em guessing. It’s not going to win any prizes, but that’s OK by me. I’m in it to represent my department, whose esprit de corps is sagging. And as a member of the People’s Committee (the sponsor of the contest), it’s my duty.

The election continues to keep my attention. Georgia is now a tossup, and that leaves me hopeful. Much in the way I felt 16 years ago, the first time I voted, and when Bill Clinton mopped the floor with Bush père. We had dinner with my parents over the weekend, and my father remarked that this was the most exciting election of his lifetime. And this is a man who was born under FDR – who lived in the time of Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon… a man who took a train to Washington DC for Jimmy Carter’s inauguration, and he’s excited about this election. That in turn excites me!

In other presidential news, I share a birthday with Teddy Roosevelt, and he’s an interesting character in history – I should read more about him. But I did like his devotion to maintaining National Parks. He was Green before they even called it Green. In some ways – apparently, he was also something of a scrappy little bastard.

I also share a birthday with Emily Post, Dylan Thomas, Sylvia Plath, Ivan Reitman, Roberto Benigni, Fran Lebowitz, and most importantly, John Cleese.

What can I say? October is a time for movers and shakers.

Speaking of, since I was feeling a little off last night, I didn’t get anything resembling a birthday cake (or dinner, for that matter) – I’ll rectify that tonight. Although, word on the street is, my triglycerides are a little high. Meaning I'd be smart to avoid sweets. Um...really?

Oh well! The rest of my cholesterol is in great shape, which means I'll be ordering that Hickory Farms Cheestravaganza Basket after all.


Hickory Farms is terrible. Hold out for Triple Creme Brie!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Titans Fever

The Tennessee Titans are playing tonight here in Nashville against the Colts of Indianapolis. Monday Night Football, bitches!

I only follow sports enough to be conversant with the fellas at work. Mostly, that works for me.

We got back this morning from a nice long weekend - most of it was spent in the mountains, with a quick overnight in Atlanta to see the 'rents. We had dinner with them, spent the night and then took Dad to breakfast this morning and came home.

Today is my 34th birthday, and it's been a good day. I wasn't feeling well this evening, so I had some soup and crackers, and we're watching the game, more or less. I'm also starting my Thanksgiving plans.

Tomorrow, I'll construct my Halloween costume. Wednesday, housework. Thursday - working late, but I need to get my car tag in the morning.

Being an adult is pretty awesome, really.

Photos coming soon.

No, really.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So what's the forecast?

It's definitely feeling like fall - I woke up to 43 degree weather this morning. We have made a pledge to keep our heating bills down this year - so it's time to pull out the sweaters and the down comforters.

Back when Matt was still a news photog, he did a story once about people getting their furnaces fixed on the first cold day of the season. It sticks with me because I was in town the day he shot it, and I sat with him in the edit bay while he created the package.

If you've ever watched someone edit, it's meticulous, and thereby, repetitive. He kept hitting a sound bite, the last word of which was the interview subject saying, "chilly".

But it's the way that word dripped from his tongue like hot molasses, ending with a slight growl.


I don't know - what I can tell you is that in the process of editing, I got to hear it a LOT.

To this day, we can't say the word chilly without invoking the interview subject's pronunciation.

There was a different editing session once that included the reporter asking this man driving an amphicar (part car/part boat) "How do you stop this thing?" That too has entered our glossary of terms, but you have to say it with that tinge of giddy panic, just like the reporter did. Emphasis on the word "stop".

I expect that every family has words that mean something to them and them alone. Par exemple - in my family, my late grandmother, Baba, was notorious for cruising a parking lot to get a decent space - ergo, we call a good spot "a baba". This has spread in usage to my brother-in-law's family, from what I hear. It works.

The other one that comes to mind is "sussy" - meaning a treat or a surprise. It's from Dad's family.

Matt and I like using the term "puny" to describe someone who is under the weather. That's not specific to us, I know, but it's not in wide usage these days.

As we would say in my family:

"Huh. Weird."

Stay warm! Don't get too...chilly.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scratching the Surface

Sometimes, apropos of nothing, my nose itches and won't stop for a long time. It's probably pollen, since we're here in the Allergy Capital of the U.S. of A.

Who knows? What I can tell you is that I'll be popping a benadryl tonight. Or two.

I met with my doctor today and good news all around - my blood pressure is under control, my blood glucose is normal, and we'll hear about my cholesterol in a few days.

Work is going well, the house is still kind of a wreck but I have a plan of attack. Sort of. Well, OK, not really, but I have a deadline - Thanksgiving - and that's almost like a plan of attack.

Next week, I turn 34 - no big plans as yet. I'm thinking cupcakes may be in order.

Nothing else new to report - except that the doctor said I could benefit from more sleep. He's not kidding!

So, I'm going to go follow doctor's orders.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Social Butterfly

I really believe I lead a charmed life - another stellar weekend – camping, a party, a few naps, and plenty of fun time with the people I love hanging out with.

This should be a good work week – three days long for me – then me and my mister are headed for a long weekend vacay in the North Georgia mountains.

Sleep! Scrabble! Antiqueing! Leaf-Peeping! Hiking! Fires! I’m ready, though, we still need to plan, pack, and get there.

All in good time. We very briefly thought about going to Indiana or Ohio to work on the Obama campaign. I’m still not convinced we shouldn’t, but, you know – we also really need a vacation. So. I think I’ll be making calls to women voters instead.

I voted early on Friday. I felt anxious, because I still don’t trust the electronic machines. I’m hoarding my “I Voted” sticker for the actual election day.

So, now I have three days to pound through my work, and then, North Georgia awaits.

Here’s a picture of me, Alex and Seb from the party. Since we’re the birthday girl and boys, we each got a tombstone with our name on it. Note the Obama Biden pumpkin between my grave and Alex’s. Carved lovingly by my favorite Ukrainian and his friend Chris.

There are more pictures from after I left, featuring a Jacuzzi bubble bath. Probably good that I left when I did.

And that I didn’t drink. Or disrobe. And that I'm essentially pretty boring.
Maybe I'll do something wild and foolish in the mountains. Yeah, that's it! I'll stay up til 2 AM playing cards with my husband. Then we'll sleep in the same bed! Woohoo! CRAZY!
I'm still working out what to be for Halloween - I thought about being an "Unhappy Camper" - covered in poison ivy, twigs in my hair - but Matt thinks that may send a negative image to my employer, and he has a point (even though I'm *not* an unhappy camper at the office).
I think the tone I want to convey is "clever". Hmm.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pretty please, with a cherry on top?

Tonight, I'm kind of wishing there were someone you could call, like Domino's Pizza, but instead of getting the Meat Lover's with green olives, you could put in a call for a pan of hot brownies, half with nuts for my husband, half without for me, and a pint of Hagen-Dazs Coffee ice cream.

I'm craving sweets, and I know it's because I had a tough day at the office.

Seems like no matter how much good I do (and believe me, I'm not worthless by a long shot), there's always something unexpected that I haven't gotten to, or forgot about that comes back to bite me in the buttocks. So...there I sit, ass-bitten and feeling sorry for myself.

As previously mentioned, I am trying to get organized, but you can't undo in a week what took a lifetime to create.

And the fact that I'm a charming, articulate, people person only goes so far. Trust me on this.

So I'm craving a cake to help me celebrate my pity party.

And there is nothing even remotely sweet in this house. Curses!

Sure, I could go out and pick up something - maybe a little trip to Sonic, but get real - I have to go back to my doctor for a cholesterol and glucose screening on the 21st.

What it comes down to is this - I know I'm not an idiot. I just need to prove it.

But, man, I really, really want a brownie and ice cream. It's that specific of a craving.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Proceed to Checkout

So, word to the wise – if you ever place an online order with Omaha Steaks, they will e mail you every day for the rest of your natural life.

Yeah, I could opt out of their mass-mailings, but then I’d miss out on hearing about all the great deals on filet mignon, gourmet hot dogs and scalloped potatoes.

We received them as a gift from Mom and Dad once, and they were excellent – I’ve sent them as a gift once or twice, too.

I also seem to hear from 1-800-FLOWERS a good bit – they do nice work, actually – once, when I sent my sister flowers under her maiden name (eight years after she got married - oops), they were able to fix it immediately, thus preventing an incident of any kind. Plus, the flowers are gorgeous. I sent Laura sunflowers (the state flower of KS) when H-Dog was born, and word on the street (via Mom) was that they still looked good several weeks out.

In fact, this year, I’ve sent a ton of flowers, all to hospitals (babies, broken hips, open heart surgery).

I should send myself some flowers to the office – I deserve them!

Based on this, you might think I’m a generous gift giver – and I can be – but the nice thing about ordering online is that it saves the bacon of those of us who are forgetful, or, dare I say, disorganized. Moi, désorganisé? Jamais! Quel horreur!

On that note, I’m making a commitment to better manage my time and organize my space. Let’s see if it works! I bought a few books over the weekend, and I’m following rules, even if they seem counterintuitive. Hell, if I knew what I was doing, I wouldn't need a book, now would I? Best piece of advice so far - "Be as clever about getting your work done as you have been about putting it off."

So first, I’ll get on the ball at the office, next stop – the house! We have six weeks til Thanksgiving! Yikes!

Ooh – check out the Thanksgiving flowers!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Can't sleep, clown'll eat me...

Is there anything more annoying than waking up at 3:30 AM and not being able to get back to sleep?

Maybe knowing it's my own damn fault for taking a four hour nap earlier in the day.

Naaah. Totally worth it.

Matt and I finally finished "Into the Wild" Friday night.

Interesting story, but we both felt the protagonist came off as a gigantic asshole know-it-all.

Which I don't think was the point.

Road tripping to meet the folks later today in Chattanooga and we're going to swap cars. I will be glad to have the Echo back where she belongs.

Going to try to sleep again - wish me luck!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Rocky Mountain Hiiiiiiigh

So yesterday, I spent the day jet-setting hither and yon. I took an early flight to Denver, put in a full day of training, then headed from Mile High City back to Music City.

Denver, for what I saw of it, was beautiful - wish I could have stayed longer.

The airport in Denver is neat - I sent my favorite little nephew a postcard with a picture of the airport, from the airport. Never say Auntie doesn't have a sense of humor.

Being gone for a whole day threw off my balance - so I'm thrilled that we're in the weekend! So much to do.

I want to hit the library, the YMCA, and clean house. We're meeting Mom and Dad for lunch and to swap cars on Sunday.

And then, it's Monday again.

So, make the most of it! Stat.

But first. Sleep.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Part of the Solution

My friends (heh),

So I did the March for Obama from 21st to Belmont – there must have been 400 people marching. Old, young, black, white. Great signs – one Woman had a big sign in the shape of a moose that said, “Alaskan Wildlife for Obama”. Another lady had a sign taped to her son’s hockey stick – “Hockey Moms for Obama”. There were Nurses for Obama, Steelworkers for Obama, Soldiers Wives for Obama, Babies for Obama, Rednecks for Obama, Teachers for Obama, Veterans for Obama, Jewish Canadians for Obama, Families of Faith for Obama. At the end of the March, we ended up on the Belmont Campus at a Rally.

I saw a sign that said, “Sarah Palin Makes Me Want to Puke” – right on! One gay man had a sign proclaiming his crush on Obama. Lots of quotes about hope, liberty, truth and change. I made a handful of signs with different messages, but the one I ended up using got a lot of laughs – “Keep Your Lipstick off My Pit Bull!” Lola is so proud!

At the rally, people were engaged in dialogue about the issues that mattered to them. There were a group of Socialists calling for an end to the two party system. A group of students drove from Knoxville to call for an end to the war and to devote that money to paying teachers a living wage. Two folks from a group called NORML invited me to a “Smoke-In” on Saturday and invited me to bring friends. Sounds like fun, but I may have to pass!

There were tons of reporters with still and video cameras, and most of the marchers stuck around, plus others joined us!

There were only a handful of McCain/Palin supporters and they looked stiff, uncomfortable and disoriented (not unlike their candidate at the debate).

At the rally, there were several media tents set up – MSNBC had one, as well as the local CBS, NBC and ABC affiliates. We were asked to be a background at the tents, and I set up at NBC behind Dan Miller and Jeremy Finley. The field director asked very nicely that we not yell, and folks, we were so polite! We waved our signs, we talked quietly, people got on their cell phones to call mom or boyfriend and urge them to turn on the TV to channel 4. You may have seen a corner of my sign – I’m short – them’s the breaks! Then, this weirdo guy in a Tennessee Women for McCain/Palin staggers onto the set and mugs for the camera. The field producer pulls him out of the shot and says, “Little man, these people are behaving themselves, but you’re going to have to leave because you’re acting like a tool.” He may have said “fool” – but either way, he was acting like one. He staggered off to bug one of the other media tents.

Finally, Dan Miller asked the field director, that if, since we had all behaved so well, we could cheer one time – the field director OK’d it, and we got to scream and yell. Thanks Dan! When they were at commercial, he asked us a lot of questions –did we have to go through security, how many people marched, etc. He was super nice, and although you know I pledge my allegiance to Fox 17, Matt’s former employer and the station where we still have tons of friends, I have to give props to the Channel 4 team for being cool with us.

I eventually decided it was time to head back home, and I walked up Belmont til I could find a cross street to hit 12th. Lots and lots of people lined the streets – I saw news trucks from Little Rock and Knoxville, I saw people selling food, shirts, buttons, and so on. There were cop cars and cops everywhere – there were also police on horseback. Lots of people asked for pictures of my sign, and then finally, I got back to the house. Matt (who worked late)had arrived shortly before me – so we went to grab some dinner and watch the debate.

I’m sure you know who I believe won the debate – but I was disappointed – I thought the questions were all bland and expected – I loved the final question – from the internet – “What don’t you know and how are you going to learn it?” Mad props to Peggy in New Hampshire. I will also say I found it interesting that McCain left the stage after a few handshakes and that Senator and Mrs. Obama were still out there talking to people 30 minutes after it ended.

I will say that Nashville’s undecided voters looked pretty bored (which I know, they had to, debate rules and all). Also – at this point, I think the only people who are undecided are fiercely lonely and want major attention.

I’d like to point out that the Today Show had Biden on this morning, talking debate, but they told us that Sarah Palin refused a request to appear. Go figure.

And finally (finally!), I’ll say that I’m a little sad now that it’s over. This is the only national attention we’re getting in Tennessee this election – because we’re so solidly red. In fact, this is Obama’s first campaign stop in Tennessee – INCLUDING the primaries. So, that was our moment in the spotlight. I enjoyed the hell out of it, and I can’t wait until Senator Obama takes office in January.

Now get out there and get out the vote!

*Photos coming soon!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sign of the Times

After weeks and weeks of sunny weather – today, of all days – Debate Day, it has to be overcast and raining. That’s nothing – at the actual time of the debate, they’re predicting thunderstorms. AWESOME!

Not that I melt, or anything, but the idea of standing out in a thunderstorm isn’t exactly appealing. Plus, I’m sure my signs will start to smear a little. So I don’t know – I can’t decide what I’ll do in the event of rain.

Probably tough it out and march anyway. Suffragists didn’t fight for my rights so that I could park my carcass on the couch on what is one of the biggest nights in Nashville I’ve ever experienced.

I head to Denver for the day on Thursday – this week is just jam-packed with fun! Last night, at least I got a head start on laundry, recycling and groceries.

I made five signs last night – they’re all winners, but my favorite reads:

Blue Voter
in a
Red State
(Wish I lived in Virginia!)

I’m also fond of



Keep Your Lipstick
off my
Pit Bull

Ahhh, so clever – all this wasted talent!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Posting on Posterboard


I went to Office Depot today to pick up posterboard and markers. Which, to be honest, are two items I haven't needed or wanted since college.

But the debate is here in Nashville tomorrow, and I have big plans. I'm making a sign:

Lefthander for Obama!

He's all right!

I need to go to Home Depot on the way home - I'm using a paint stirrer as the stick for my sign, and I need batteries for the camera, and also, I want to get some paint sample cards - I want to repaint my cedar chest that I snagged from the tribal elders.

I want to do something in an earth tone, but that may not happen... Matt likes the chest in the current color - Martha Stewart Hydrangea Blue. Which is great, but doesn't work with anything in the room we want to use it in.

Decisions, decisions!

Half a Lifetime...

So, we ended up in Atlanta this weekend - Mom and Dad were supposed to come here, but – plans changed as they so often do.

Anyway, one of the main reasons we were getting together is that they had a few pieces of furniture that they wanted us to have. They’ve also been cleaning out the garage and wanted me to get some of my crap out of there. So one of the items that I didn’t even know was in there was an old photo album of mine from a long, long time ago.

And in said album, were my Senior pictures from high school – from 17 years ago, when I was 17. Ouch. Who was that thin, well-rested looking girl? And what can I do to bring her back?

Also in there was my application for University of Georgia Sorority Rush – part of that was my transcript, which made me realize that I was such a mediocre student. Granted, I took a bunch of Honors classes and ranked 89th in a class of 359, but still…lots of B’s that could have been A’s with just a modicum of effort. And a D or two that I was glad to get. Algebras I and II, I'm looking at you!

And of course, all the photos from all the formals I went to - 3 years of Homecoming (my Senior year, I couldn’t scrounge up a date and ended up going to see Blythe Spirits with some girlfriends at the neighborhood playhouse – it was terrible – I should have gone stag to Homecoming) and two years of Prom. Damn, I was cute! And thin, and well-rested.

It’s not that I want to be seventeen again – oh, dear God no! But I’d like to travel back in time and tell seventeen–year-old me a few things just to help her out. Advise her to enjoy college more, maybe spend more money on decent haircuts, eat better, don’t get that credit card, drink more beer, don’t date that guy (or the other guy, either). Work just a little harder and she can graduate cum laude, like her husband. Yes, that’s right – she does end up married, so don’t sweat that. Advise her to find exercise she likes and do it daily. Tell her to back off on the late night snacking, the grilled cheese and to at all costs, avoid milkshakes – they’re addictive. Remind her to love her parents, even when they’re driving her crazy – because they won’t be as healthy as they are right now. I’d tell her which friendships to let fade, and the ones to pursue. Let her know that her 20’s may not be amazing, but her 30’s will make up for it.

Of course, if at seventeen, if some random thirtysomething had tried to advise me on anything, I think I would have turned up the Bob Dylan cassette in my 1984 Pontiac Sunbird and said, “Aw, quit hassling me, I’m doing just fine here.”

And I was – no debt, a terrific job where I made great money – and since I had no bills, I spent it all on me. I had plenty of leisure time, since I wasn’t really studying too hard, and I enjoyed all my extracurricular stuff. Every day after school, I ate a Twix bar and drank a real Coke. Of course, breakfast was a Diet Dr. Pepper, and lunch was a salad. At seventeen, I became a blood donor (and I still am to this day). The Braves made it to the post season. I had a car that ran well, gas was cheap, and my commute, as such, was a breeze. At seventeen, I had a boyfriend, briefly, and that was enough. I went with him to Homecoming, and took a Sophomore friend to Prom. I did Spring Break in Cancun. It was all good.

What would be more interesting, is if I were to get a visit from 68 year-old me right now, bringing sage advice and words of wisdom from 34 years into the future. She would probably tell me to work harder, have more fun, eat right and exercise. And maybe she’d give me some investment advice.

And I'd probably turn up the Avenue Q CD in my 2001 Toyota Echo and tell her, "Aww, quit hassling me, I'm doing just fine here!" And I am.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thoughts on October

I have to wonder if the scrips I picked up from Walgreens are especially fresh batches of chemically goodness – I feel exceptionally happy today for no real reason.

It happens like that sometimes.

Not much to report from Nashville, though I’ll tell you the first day of October hasn’t disappointed – nice weather – cool, windy – blue sky. I can’t complain.

Earlier this week I had the chance to see one of my favorite actors on the big screen. When I was ten, I fell in love with Chaplin - I saw The Gold Rush and I was hooked. From there, I got my hands anything Chaplin that I could – biographies, documentaries, movies, articles – and keep in mind, this was pre-internet, – and the libraries in Fulton County didn’t have much to pick from. Still, I became somewhat of an expert on all things Charlie Chaplin.

When I was eighteen, the movie Chaplin, with Robert Downey Jr. came out, and my mother called the AJC to talk to the film critics and managed to get opening night tickets – we saw it at the Phipps Plaza theatre, and it was awesome.

So, when I saw that the local arthouse theatre, the Belcourt - was running Chaplin’s 1931 masterpiece, City Lights, as part of a festival on homelessness in films, I made plans to go.

It was $8.50 well spent – it was a restored 35mm print, and it’s better than I remembered it – especially knowing all the pain that went into making it. These three nice artsy guys sat behind me and we chatted before the lights went down – one of them told me that in Los Angeles, there are 2 cinemas that show nothing but silent movies. Hell, I think I’m lucky to have the Belcourt – but wouldn’t that be something?

I’ve got a late evening – I’m running a training for people who are in Malaysia and Australia –which means I’m living in Wednesday and training on Thursday. Weird.

But, hey – you know, I’m flexible. Even though I am missing Project Runway. Damn it.