Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meditations on a Tuesday

- I had two different dreams last night where I was screaming at people at the top of my lungs. No wonder I woke up feeling exhausted. I wonder if deep down, I'm really an angry person. Um, yeah, sister, and it's actually not all that deep down.

- There’s a project of deleting some bad assignments that I’ve been plugging away at for a few days now, and I haven’t even gotten through the B’s on the first title yet. It’s one of the most tedious, boring things I’ve done in recent memory, and I’m afraid it’s going to take months to complete. The fact that I spent part of my night yelling at people for various reasons doesn’t make me any more alert or excited about it.

- I could use some more caffeine, but a 20 oz Coke Zero should be enough to boot me up for the morning, shouldn’t it?

- In our morning status meeting, one of the sales guys was (once again) dressed like he was a pledge of Kappa Alpha fraternity. I almost told him that Chad and Skipper called to tell him to hurry back to the house to tap the keg. I kind of don’t think he’d laugh, but I would have.

- In the online version of the Atlanta paper this morning, they were looking for nominations for the Best Burger in Atlanta. As sure as I am that Five Guys has a way with ground beef, Five Guys is a chain. As is Red Robin, etc. If you can’t find a burger in Atlanta independently, call me. For what it’s worth, I gave shouts to Curbside CafĂ© and Rhea’s in Roswell, and the Varsity and the veggie burger at Manuel’s Tavern in the ATL. I may not live there anymore, but AJC.com beats Tennessean.com any day. As for my top picks here in Nashville, I’d say Fat Mo’s does a good job, as do Calhoun’s and Rotiers – though I think the last of those is overrated. Oh, shoot – I forgot Brown’s Diner! As good as burgers can get in Music City, though, I would trade any one location of Fat Mo’s for a small but decent Chinese restaurant.

- Flattery will get you everywhere. I have a colleague who told me today that I look nice - when honestly, I was feeling kind of thrown together. For what it’s worth, it looks like I’m going to get a makeup consultation at the Bobbi Brown counter at Cool Springs Mall on Friday at Natae’s suggestion. I’d love to think they’ll say that with my natural radiant looks, less would be more – but I think we all know that’s not going to happen – how would they sell their wares if they didn’t assure me that with the right eyeshadow palette, I could look 20 pounds lighter and ten years younger?

- Zumba last night was good – not a ton of people there, and if Cacilda’s husband is traveling next week, this may have been her last class – just in case it was, I pulled out my babel-fished phrase – “Obrigado par tuda” – which she understood, so apparently, I now know enough Portguese to be polite – which is to say, not nearly enough to stay out of trouble. I brought Matt in to meet her, and she commented that we will have beautiful children. I blushed and stammered, and then of course started thinking…well, she has a point…I have to think that Mr. Everett and I would produce a splendidly chubby, pink, happy bundle of joy – I’ve seen pictures of both of us as babies, and we were quite the adorable ones. But you know, babies grow up and they require time, and money, and if you’re not careful, or even if you are careful, they can break your heart. So for now, I believe we’ll stick with a dog.

- My 1PM training just got rescheduled. I should use this opportunity to take a full lunch and do something with it. But in reality, there’s not much that I can get done properly in that hour. Also, my boss’ Gal Friday, who is in charge of rescheduling training does not appear to have come to work today, but the bossman hasn’t mentioned this to anyone. I love how we’re all supposed to provide visibility, but at noon today, I’m asking whether I can expect to see a co-worker whose presence is linked directly with the flow of materials within the department. COME ON! And once again, I think if my boss’ boss could get away with it he’d ignore me altogether – but since I actually addressed him directly this morning, he had to reply to me, lest he look like a complete douche in front of other people.

- If not for the ability to call people douches, my life would not be nearly so rich. I'll be honest - while I firmly believe that people are basically good and well-intentioned, I seem to have several douchebags in my life that unfortunately want to practice their craft in my general vicinity. Maybe I'll dream about yelling at them. That'll show 'em.

I guess that’s plenty for now.


Monday, April 27, 2009


I must have partied harder than I originally thought this weekend because today I’ve been dragging. Sunday we ended up meeting the guys for lunch, which turned into spending much of the rest of the day with them. I cooked dinner for everyone on the grill last night, and forgive me for bragging, but it was off the chain good. Grilled chicken which I’d marinated in buttermilk, cilantro and garlic, a cold rice and beans salad, and a little failed dessert that I salvaged and now call “Cheesecake in a Bowl” Damn graham cracker crusts!

And except for dessert, reasonably healthy.

Tonight, I Zumba to work off some of the effects of said dessert, and then home – to shower, possibly drink a cold beer (thus negating my workout) and then to bed.

Other than that – nothing much to report. Tomorrow we’ll head to Rivergate Toyota to get the tag for my car. I hope it spells out something interesting or contains an interesting string of data. I’ll miss my Wild Bear tag, but since it’s sitting in the box of stuff I pulled from the trunk, I think I’ll be making a birdhouse out of it, or offering it to the parentals to hang in the mountains.

Speaking of wildlife, some kind of birdie has created a nest on our front porch – it’s up too high for me to see if it contains anything – eggshells, babies or an angry mother. I’m going to need either a mirror, a ladder or both to see what we’ve got.

But given my love of birds, nests and such, I am glad. I can tell for sure that the bird used some of the discarded raffia from my scarecrow costume, and that makes me happy. If I had to guess, I’d say starlings. I'll keep you posted.

We’re closing in on our visit to Kansas. I need to start planning logistics, packing, buying birthday presents, Mother’s Day cards, and so on. I also need to quickly drop, oh, I don’t know…40 pounds. Any thoughts on that? And yes, I am considering some Aqua Ban. As I asked Mom the other day, is there a kind that lets you pee out excess body fat? Because if so, sign me up!

Meawhile, my body is screaming is… hey, can I get a nap first?

The answer to that question is…no.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

How we celebrate

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Dad's open heart surgery. Which is a day I'd love to forget but never will.

The night before, Matt had gotten a call from the Red Cross letting us know it was time to come back in, so we went over around noon to give it the old college try. I came very close to getting booted -my first iron reading was 12.4 - and 12.5 is the minimum. So when they poked the left middle finger (which sucks), it came up 12.7 and all was well.

I thanked the woman who collected my pint and explained the significance of the day to her, and she kind of perked up a little - prior to that, she was just hungry and ready for lunch.

After a quick coke and cookie with the Red Cross, we enjoyed a garlicky lunch at Italian Market (penne and chicken with a bleu cheese and sundried tomato cream sauce - excellent) and a jaunt to Borders for another look at half-priced CDs. Then Matt and I met up with our friends to watch the Nashville Sounds beat up on the Iowa Cubs.

Here's a picture of the boys - Seb wasn't feeling it so Alex put him in a headlock:

And here's me and my better half:

We enjoyed the game - the Sounds won. The game was packed - a lot of people in town for the Marathon came to the game post run.

Which reminds me - a shout out to Karen, Joe and Joe's mom for their efforts on the half marathon yesterday!

Today, Matt wants a massage (he has a knot in his shooting shoulder that feels like a golf ball), I need to hit the grocery, and we have got to fix a washer in my bathroom.
In Lola news - her annual visit to the vet yesterday went very well, but like her mommy, she needs to slim down by about 4 pounds - her 4 is my 40 (or 70).

That's it from here.
And you?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Frood, Blued and Tattooed

So the other day my friend Natae let me borrow a CD that she found in her travels – it’s a pastor from what I can only assume was a very conservative Midwest church (denomination unknown) preaching on the Seven Evils that Are Corrupting Christianity.

Right now I’m on number four – a man by the name of Sigmund Frood – he was the creator of Froodonian Psychology. If I’m lyin’, I’m dyin’. I am all for people believing what they want, but on the other hand, if you’re going to denounce, learn to pronounce.

I will also point out that according to this man, Frood was a member of the Jewish race, and an atheist.

For one, Jews are not a race, they are a religion. And two, as Judiasm is a religion, it would be difficult to say that you were a Jewish Atheist. It would be akin to saying I was an Agnostic Episcopalian. Which I’m not, I’m just saying.

He further points out that Frood is responsible for Sex Education, which is the reason that half the girls in his grade were pregnant by the time they were out of High School. Unless Frood himself fornicated with each and every one of those girls, I’m not buying.

Well, different strokes for different folks. It has been an interesting listen.

Craft Night last night was awesome – the hostess, Erika has a great house – open, airy, good colors and textures – all the things I love. Plenty of good eats, good company, and decoupage to die for. Mine are quirky and sweet, if not entirely well-executed. Erika made hers from old medical textbook illustrations, and I think they’d fetch a pretty penny at Pangaea. It was nice to meet Erika’s friends –all super nice, intelligent folks, and spend some civilian time with my fellow Zumba-ers. Anna was there, and Erika’s daughter Dylan came in right before I went home.

No huge plans for the weekend. I did a mad dash cleaning spree late into last night in prep for the appraisal visit today. Which took all of about 10 minutes – the guy who did it appeared to be about 21 – but he thought Lola was pretty, and you know me – I’m a sucker for flattery – even if it’s vicarious through my beast. Apparently, his dog also had allergies and so the cone was no big deal to him.

Speaking of Lola, she has her annual visit to the vet in the AM – and thereby, her first ride in the new car. Well, it had to happen eventually. I also need to vacuum and wash the damn thing. I am turning into Matt where cars are concerned.

To that end, because I now have a front license plate space, I ordered a little something for the car – in homage to my father, I have procured a Jamaican flag license plate, and will be proudly showing my Jamerican Heritage to one and all. Matt wasn’t totally onboard, but then again – my car, my car payment, my front bumper. Plus, I could have gotten something awful like “Spoiled Rotten” or “Princess”, or “Daddy’s Lil Ho” so I think by comparison, this is pretty tame. I need to install it tonight.

I also really need a nap. I didn’t sleep well last night, or nearly enough. Since the weather is nice, I’d love to grill out this evening, but I suspect we need to refill the propane tank, and while we do have charcoal, I’m not that committed. I’d also point out that the Sounds are in town tomorrow, which is always good. Plus, time to put the garden in – this weekend there are no excuses.

So, the more I write, the more I realize we actually could do this weekend.

*Confidential to Myself- Happy One Year Blogiversary! And they said it wouldn't last...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

...the opposite of innocent...

Today I got to train some colleagues at my office – the people who are new and work as Inside Sales reps, as well as my boss, his gal Friday, and a few visiting members of our newest acquisition.

I thought it went really well. I was meant for a live audience. I should get back into performing, because I love it, and miss the roar of the crowd. The smell of the greasepaint, I can take or leave.

I thought my counterpart was a little less than vivacious, but so what – that only makes me more energetic. Plus, it's getting even clearer to me how well I know the system, and how that knowledge will translate for me going forward.

I don’t know – we’re coming up on two years in this job in May, and I think I’ve found, after a fashion, what I am supposed to be doing. And if some day, I have the chance, I’ll go back to school and certify to teach. I think student of all kinds might benefit from my enthusiam.

In other news, I have been having the weirdest dreams. I’ve had two recurring themes going the past few months.

The first one has to do with motherhood – where either I have to watch a baby and I’m completely inept, or I am pregnant, or I throw away my pills in an attempt to get pregnant. I think this is just my brain working through the fact that I am not planning to procreate, and how do I feel about that?

The other dream, that I am having in conjunction with my usual airport/airplane anxiety dreams, and as a stand-alone, is elevator dreams. Usually they have to do with the elevator being hidden, or I have to get on or off really quickly, and that the one I need doesn’t go to the right floors – whatever. Last night was new. I got on an elevator trying to go up and it wouldn’t move. It started buzzing to try to make me think it was moving, but it was stuck and wouldn’t open.

I get the symbolism, of course – I feel stuck when I think I should be moving up. Duh. But where is that coming from?

I don’t know. I don't especially care, except that I do wake up feeling very tired sometimes.

What I do know is that I am at the moment very tired, I am hungry, and I really, really want to kick Matt’s ass on Worms tonight.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All Good Things

Today marks the one year anniversary of Dad’s initial heart attack which set off the spiral of events which I honestly, still haven’t recovered from.

In my mind, the mean part of me is screaming, “Get over it!” , but the nurturing part is saying gently, “Well of course you’re not over it – that was completely devastating, and you didn’t take time to deal with it while it was happening, and naturally you’re still processing it all.”

Somehow, the “get over it” message seems to be coming in louder.

I asked Dad last night if he would be marking this occasion, and he indicated that this was not a date in his canon of holidays. Whereas we know I'll celebrate anything.

So there’s that. I’ll probably be processing my feelings a good bit on the old blogaroo for the next month or so. Lucky you.

In other devastating news, my Zumba instructor is moving to Denver. Tell me that isn’t a country song for the new millennium! Seriously though, Cacilda is flying the coop – her last class is May 4th, and I’ll be there every last class until then. She said she’d miss me. She doesn’t know the half of it, sister! It's a great move for her, and as for her students, well, the news isn't all bad.

Her replacement is a classmate of mine – Sarah – who just certified this past weekend. So far, I’m nervously optimistic. She’s very sweet, a terrific, positive, lovely young woman, but she says she doesn’t just love the Latin stuff. And she was showing a choreography last night to Sylvia and Mickey’s “Love is Strange”. Cue flashbacks to my Middle School years – complete with bad hair, braces and too much acid wash denim. The moves are fun, but how am I going to survive without being asked to shake my bunda, which apparently is Brazilian slang for booty. And I love it when Cacilda calls us meninas bonitas.

Oh well – all good things must come to an end.

And it’s not like I’m going to stop Zumba. But I owe a lot to Cacilda and she doesn’t even know it.

For example, I got invited to a Craft Night at the house of one of my fellow classmates – we’re going to be making decoupage coasters. Guess what Mom is getting for Mother’s Day?

I also got a beauty tip for clear skin from another classmate. Which, given that she has gorgeous skin, sounds like a good idea…until she says “Lava Soap”. I’ll try it – worst that can happen is I break out in a Volcanic Rash (ha, ha - get it?) and have to stop.

It’s all good.

Really, it is all very good.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Left Undone

Here we are at Sunday night, and even though we had a great weekend, we worked and played hard, I'm sitting here, it's nearly 8PM, and all I can think of are the things that aren't done. Like laundry. Grocery shopping. My toenails.

The women in my family have traditionally hated Sundays, I think for the very reason above. It's not that I dread Monday (although, with my last job I did) - it's just that I could use one extra day each weekend for catching up. On sleep, on cleaning, on phone calls, on perfecting my XBox skills.

Matt's getting a few minutes in on the saxophone, then we're making a quick run to Trader Joe's followed by a longer jaunt through Kroger. Not my usual Kroger, but I can adapt. I have a list and that's a start.

Friday night Matt and I went to have dinner at Seb, Alex, Brandon and Chris'. But only Seb and Brandon were in residence. Also in attendance were Steve, Natae, Rese as well as Natae's dog Violet, Steve's dog Fenway, and of course Seb's Pebbles. The dogs had as much fun as the owners.

Since then though, I've been battling heartburn - not that those gents can't grill - au contraire. I think I have just gotten out of balance and I need to realign.

Speaking of realign - my jaw is still pretty jacked up. I need to see someone, but insurance rarely if ever covers TMJ and related BS. I also need to find a good ENT. My tonsils are ready to be released into the wild. I also wish I had thought to liberate a few Soma on my last trip to Atlanta. Alas!

I heard a whippoorwill last night while taking Lola out for her evening pee. I have only heard one once before - and that was in the mountains. Dad is itching to get back up there and I don't blame him. It will be July before I get up there again. But as soon as I'm there, I'll be in the waterfall.

Our summer is starting to get jam-packed, and I am excited. I want to have a party here sometime soon - maybe between Kansas and Memorial Day. I need to see who is in for a trip to Chattanooga to see the Lookouts play.

So much to do. So much left undone.

I think I'll go persuade Matt to pack up his sax and drive with me to Trader Joe's.

Happy Sunday.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jaw Popping Events

I grind my teeth, as you know.

My jaw has been a little (or, a lot) out of alignment the past few days and I need to get it back into place and not hurting.

Also, I am completely done with my colleague who can't seem to find the "vibrate" setting on his phone. I'm glad he's Journey's #1 Fan - but I'm ready to take a sledgehammer to his cell and remind him that etiquette isn't dead, but his cellphone is.

So I guess all of me is a little out of joint.

Zumba tonight - though I'd really rather just take a nap, play a little XBox.

I am planning to do a some shopping to round out my Spring and Summer wardrobe. I really need sandals - I'm going to hit Payless for those. No point in putting perfectly good cabbage on shoes - not for these feet. I also need pants. Badly.

The weekend approaches and if we have decent weather, I'm putting in our garden. Hot peppers of every kind.

And morning glories.

No tomatoes, no bedding plants, no zinnias this year. I am economizing - but damned if I won't make my jelly.

Priorities. Gotta have them straight.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Personal Anecdote Makes Good

Read this article from Slate.com -


It's a follow-up on a story the reporter did about a new Google feature that allows you to stop an e mail once you've hit send. He asked for personal anecdotes from those of use who have mistaken the reply/forward button, or who have hit the reply all button at the wrong time.

In my e mail to him, I wrote:

Probably not as large scale as some you’ve referenced but no less horrifying to me…

Day four of my first job out of college – I receive an e mail request from someone I can’t place by name.

So I forward the e mail to the woman training me – with the question:

“Is this the guy who wears too much hair gel?”


Only, I didn’t hit forward. I hit reply.

So…the upshot is, he never said anything to me, I never said anything to him.

But he did lighten up on the hair gel, so…I like to think it was a well-timed public service announcement.

Great article.

Now, guess whose story is referenced in point number 14?


Tuesday Extended Dance Remix

  • So I bought a new car. The details of the bargaining/buying process are not all that compelling, but the car is a 2009 Corolla S in Barcelona Red. It has 160 miles on it, all but seven of which were put on by Matt and me. I love the car, but like any time I make a purchase of this magnitude, I’m feeling a little anxious.

  • Flight of the Conchords on Friday was excellent. We got to spend time with great friends listening to great music. Just well worth every penny, and I can’t put it any more succinctly than that.

  • Easter with the folks was great. They got in around noon on Saturday, helped with some of the cooking, entertained the pugs and took a spin in the new car. Then our friends arrived and we all had a great, fun, festive time. Great food, excellent conversation, and dogs, dogs, dogs! I will post pix ASAP.

  • Zumba last night was off the hook! I am glad to be making friends, meeting nice people and giving my body the cardio it needs, deserves and frankly has started to crave.

  • I missed the three most critical minutes of How I Met Your Mother last night. I recorded it, and they broke in at a crucial point of exposition with a Severe Weather Update. Not that I don’t appreciate what’s going on in Middle Tennessee weather-wise, but when I’ve narrowed my TV habits to one must-see show per week, every second counts. And that’s why I’ll be re-watching online. I’m a Barney/Robin ‘shipper, and that show kills me every single week. Matt hates it.

  • We downloaded Worms on Xbox this weekend, and even though I suck at it, I’m addicted. One day, eventually, I’ll beat someone at it. Maybe.

  • I wish it would either warm up and stay that way or get cold and stay that way. Preferably warm. My sinuses are in constant confused flux.

  • We’re going to do some planting this weekend – and I’m limiting my crops to hot peppers, and flowers to morning glories. I hate to pull the pansies – they were worth every penny this year, but it’s time to move into Spring, even if the weather isn’t cooperating.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hippity Hoppity

What has four paws, a slightly curly tail, googly eyes and will be at my house for the big party on Saturday? This guy, right here:

Could this dog not replace that pile of money on the Geico ads? Seriously.

And his older sister:

Maggie is not amused, and does not appreciate the camera in her face.

Tomorrow we're car shopping and have tickets to Flight of the Conchords at the Ryman.

Saturday, Mom, Dad and their furry friends arrive and that night, we party.

Life is good.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'll mourn ya til I join ya!

Zippy: 2001 - 2009 R.I.P.

So after wearing out the redial button, I was finally able to get my insurance guy on the phone this morning.

Last night, Matt and I talked out a few scenarios, and decided that if the price was right, we’d take the money and put it down on a new(er) car. Otherwise, I’d fix the Echo and move forward.

As it turns out, the price was right. Very, very right. They’re giving me $5600 to walk away from my Echo and never look back.

Sure, I was sad when I closed my trunk for the very last time, and I was disappointed to realize my beloved bumper stickers weren’t coming with me, but let’s be very, very honest for a second.

Recently, every time I hit the brakes on Zippy, the steering wheel vibrated wildly. That’s bad, right? And when am I ever going to get that kind of money on an eight year old car with 144,000 miles on it? Exactly.

I have a few new(ish) cars in mind. We’re going to take a look on Friday and hopefully I’ll have something by the end of that day. Basically, I have the rental til next Tuesday, and I need to make it happen sooner rather than later.

In other news, my Zumba class this week KICKED ASS. Sarah (blonde Sarah, not brunette Sarah) brought in pineapple upside-down cupcakes in celebration of her birthday. I told my classmates that whether they realize it or not, they’re holding me accountable for showing up every week, and that I’ve replaced my Weight Watchers meetings with Zumba, which is more fun. Turns out they all feel like we keep each other showing up! And they would be disappointed if I missed a class. It was a love fest, to be sure.

Now if I could only stop eating like a crazy person.


Mom, Dad, the pugs and a new piece of furniture are coming to Nashville this weekend, and I am SO EXCITED! Mostly about my parents and the pugs, but the furniture, a wood hutch, will bring much needed storage to the house. I may turn it into a bar. Or it may just act as storage for “pretty things”.

Life is sweet, my friends.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

...or maybe it's not

So I was told by my body shop this morning they're totaling the car. Not all that surprising, given that Kelley Blue Book says it's worth anything from $1300 - $2100, and every last panel on the thing had dents from debris.

The question then becomes...what does that mean? From the sound of it, I'm not optimistic - Vic, at the body shop told me to come get the stuff out of my car. Which makes me think they aren't going to let me keep it and fix the glass out of pocket but let the body damage ride.

Which then begs the question, how much do they think the Echo is worth? And based on that, what can I buy that's going to give me a super cheap monthly payment.

As a precaution, I pulled a credit report and it's actually quite good. So that's comforting. I've also done a little prelim search in Nashville, and I figure if I can get something that puts payments in the $150 a month range, life will be good.

But hopefully, I can keep Zippy and move forward with caution.

I'm trying to be positive, but at the moment, crawling under a desk sounds like a great idea.

Friday, April 3, 2009

It's funny...

I don't smoke, but that doesn't mean I don't take smoke breaks - where I watch other people smoke.

Yesterday, during a smoke break, N, my friend/colleague and I were talking about people who can't be happy, and I said that even though I bitch about things, I tend to think of misfortunes as a source of "good material".

Several hours later, I hit the motherlode of good material.

A tornado touched down two blocks from our office building, then ripped off part of the roof on our building and scattered debris throughout the parking lot. Which looked something like this:

Which, in and of itself was pretty interesting - but what's even more interesting is what happened to the cars in the parking lot:

And of course, the most interesting is what happened to my car:

In total, I lost my back windshield and rear driver-side window completely and my front windshield is intact, but a hazard (see above). I also have some dings from where the rocks hit the roof and hood.

Now, sure it's not convenient (or smart) to drive home with a windshield that's been hit 18 times, and I'm not thrilled that I have to pay a $100 deductible. But insurance covers 80% of my rental - a lovely, sporty little Ford Focus - RED! Vroom!
And OK - I missed Zumba this morning, but I kept my hair appointment. And my hair looks great, incidentally.
And, yeah, Matt is going to kill me when he sees what I did to the yard trying and failing to get it out of the mud. I don't blame him. I'd kill me!

But I'm OK. We're all OK. Sure, cars were dinged, there's crap all over the parking lot and my yard looks like a bowl of chocolate pudding with some grass thrown in. But I didn't get hurt, nobody got hurt. Amazingly, nobody was hurt.

And I could feel sorry for myself and think "why me?", but what's the point? Insurance is covering the damage, the grass will grow back and most of all - I have a great, great story to tell.

So, when life hands you a tornado, buy some lemons and make lemonade. And throw some tequila in there if you have it handy.

Say, have I ever told you about the time that a tornado hit our office?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I’ll take “Things That Make You Go Hmm” for $800, Alex.

I want candy!

So I’m in my local WalMart a few days ago, and while in the checkout line, I look to my left at the candy display. Hershey’s has a new bar – a Milk Chocolate Hershey Bar with peanuts. Sound familiar? That’s because they’ve been making them for years. Since 1925, in fact, and calling them Mr. Goodbar. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Milky Way Midnights? Those used to be Forever Yours bars. And Snickers with Almonds – ever heard of a Mars bar? Not the British version, which is closer to a Milky Way, but the discontinued American version. Basically, they pulled Mars Bars and replaced them with Snickers with Almonds.

Messrs Mars and Hershey – the American candy eater is no fool – you can call a candy bar whatever you choose, but we know that a Mr. Goodbar by any other name would taste as sweet (and as peanutty). Also, I appreciate that you have renamed Plain M&Ms – they’re now Milk Chocolate M&Ms - but if they melt in my mouth and not my hands, it’s all good.

Double My Zumba

There is, as it turns out, one advantage to having to work 10-7 tomorrow, and that is that at 8:15 AM on Fridays, Cacilda has a Zumba class at the Y. To which I say, count me in! I’ll have to shower and dress at the Y, but that’s been done before and will be done again. Every Friday that I have a 10-7 henceforth. Yay! Of course, the real question is – can Allison shower and dress and get to work from the Y in 45 minutes? I guess we’ll see.

Pack it up, pack it in

I’m not sure why getting ready to go to Atlanta is taking so much effort – but it is. That’s all. I mean, does it really matter what I wear up to the meeting at Goshen? No… well, maybe… no.

Another Fine Mess

Matt is on an inexplicable Laurel and Hardy kick these days. As a bonafide Chaplinophile, I relate. And honestly, there’s something about the idea of having a foil that works so well here. I also see a lot of Laurel and Hardy in my marriage – not the hitting each other, smacking into things, but the interaction between those two is at times very primitive but also very sweet. I don’t know – it has made me consider getting a copy of the biopic Chaplin to spark some interest.

Haircut Day is Here!

Tonight, I get my haircut and scalp massage. I can’t wait. Ironically, my hair looks terrific today – timing is everything.

Book Report:

After our Sunday jaunt to the library, I finished two this week – Fannie Flagg’s Just Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven and Alison Lurie’s Truth and Consequences.
The latter was typical Lurie, though her material is somewhat watered down as of late. Most of her books center around Corinth University, a fictional New England college. The basic premise is that a long married couple grows apart because of the husband’s lingering illness, and when a new couple moves into town, they essentially have a wife swap. And it works out well for the female protagonist and the new man, but not the male protagonist and new woman – a theme that Lurie seems to beat to death. Maybe she’s working through something. Her book Foreign Affairs was sweet and moving (and Pulitzer-winning) this is just…well a decent read, but not much more. At the same time, Fannie Flagg is mining through the leftovers of two of her latest works, but Just Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven, while derivative, is vastly entertaining. What I like about Flagg is that she takes a minor character from an older story and fleshes that person out – Welcome to The World, Baby Girl begat Standing in the Rainbow which begat Just Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven. So, yeah, good stuff.

Stormy Weather

Rain, rain, go away – well, at least in time for it not to ruin my hair.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Quik Pik

I have decided that along with there being no "I" in team, there's no "U" either.

And that's going to have to change, mammajammers.