Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hitting the Road, After a Fashion

This morning, I was running late (what else is new?), so I put Lola in the backyard to take care of business while I got dressed.

When I came out to get her, the back gate was pushed open, and Lola had r-u-n-n-o-f-t.

I ran in and told Matt, then got in my car, fruitlessly searching. After two trips up, down and around the four block radius, I came back, told Matt I had to leave for work, and I promised to call our vet, the emergency vet and Animal Control as soon as I got to work. Matt got in his car and headed out to see if he could find her.

For most of my ride to work, I was thinking that we'd had eleven good years, and it was all my fault, and I'd never see her again. I called Matt to tell him to leave the back gate ajar for her in case she came back, and he'd just found her one street over, shivering, sniffing bushes, and happy to get in his car and eat a dog biscuit.

So. Lola has lost her yard privileges, I have lost my Mother of the Year medal, and Matt is, as usual, my hero.

All's well that ends well.

In other news, I have a cold. I am beyond annoyed, but what can you do? Me, I can blow my nose. Repeatedly.

For now though, I am glad to have my little family safe and sound.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Hive Got an Idea!

So, I've been spending a little free time letting thoughts blow through the jasmine in my mind, thinking of Spring. I think it's time to have a party. Rites of Spring... something like that.

Of course, first, I'll need to clear some of the snow, confine Lola to a corner of the yard of for her "business" and conjure up a plan. Oh, and take down the Christmas lights (I know, I know).

Then, as soon as we have a little sunshine, it should be time. I'll grill some yardbird, whip up some salads, devil some eggs... and make a cake.

Also, I need bees.


Like these:

Why, you may ask? Never you mind. As much as I love my chenille chicks, and we all know, I cornered the market in them, it's time to pull a new trick out of my top hat.

Note to self: Procure top hat.

I'm getting to that time of year where I hate all my winter clothes, but can't see fit to buy anything new, because Spring is going to be here in a matter of weeks.

That said, work is taking me to Florida in a few weeks, so I may need to get a little something to tweak my style for my OTJ Spring Break. For sure, I need sunglasses.


That's enough buzz for now. Heh, see what I did there? Too clever.


Sunday, February 14, 2010


When I lived in Atlanta, having a social life required a lot of work, and so, for the most part, I didn't bother. My twenties were, as a result, not especially eventful. That isn't to say I was devoid of amusing experiences, but I wasn't especially outgoing, and didn't spent much time going out (see what I did there - clever).

Moving to Nashville has made a difference. Well, actually, moving to Nashville and starting my current job three years ago made the difference.

For one, the geography makes friendships easier. I can get anywhere in the city to meet people within thirty minutes, whereas in Atlanta, a crosstown meetup required strategy, a map, a bag lunch and a full tank of gas.

For two, I have put some anxiety behind me and I'm willing to get out there more often.

For three, I have met some of the coolest people in Nashville. At first, my friends here were mostly of the "guy" variety, but now there are finally some women in the mix, and the life I always read about in chick lit books is mine. The girlfriends I had hoped to meet in my sorority house have emerged later, and there's no bitchiness or lipstick misappropriation (long story, but Holly, you know what you did and so do I).

So what can I say - to all the friendly people from Imagination, PureSafety, the YMCA and points beyond...thank you for being my friend.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Chatter

Bonjour, Y'all!

1. They apparently decided that closing Customer Support for President's Day was a bad move. And I could have told them that, but the good news is, I still won't be working, though some colleagues have volunteered. I have plans. I plan to sleep in, do a little housework, get my pedicure with Rese and Natae. Plans are plans.

2. A colleague of mine sent me this: - - hysterical. Truly. I laughed out loud.

3. Going to a party this weekend, planning to make a pound cake. Yes, I am excited. No, I don't get out often enough.

4. Planning for my parents' 40th Anniversary continues. Laura and I would love to have a cocktail hour. I think they'd enjoy it. We'll see. Their present from Matt, Lola and me arrives today - a dozen Ruby Red grapefruit. The 40th Anniversary is the Ruby Anniversary. Boom!

5. Valentine's Day needs to hurry and get gone - I am ready to shop for all things Eastery. Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry!

6. I'm thinking I'll surprise my colleagues with a little baking tomorrow. Because I can, but more importantly, because I want to.

7. Did you ever notice that the domain name is close to both and Filthy. Also, if you ever want to go to the Dick's Sporting Goods website - it's not, and trying that may get you in trouble at the office. You have been warned.

8. I have seen three of the ten Best Picture Oscar nominated films. That's actually better than average for a gal like me.

9. I've started feeding the birds in our yard again. They seem grateful. I want to name them all and knit them sweaters.

10. Saturday marks the eleventh anniversary of Mom and Dad finding Lola and bringing her to me. I am so lucky. Lola is pretty lucky too. I think I'll make her a special dinner.

11. All that weight I lost during food poisoning appears to have returned, mostly to my ass, thighs and in puffy bags under my eyes. That rhymed. Unintentionally.

OK, ├ža suffit!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back in High School, every February, one of the clubs would sell a Computer Matching Survey where you filled in a Scantron sheet and at Valentine's Day, for a few bucks you could by lists of the (in my case) boys who were romantically compatible to you. As I recall, you could buy one list for your grade and one school-wide.

I bought in, of course, because what 16-year-old doesn't want to know which boys she should be setting her laser-focused sights on?

Problem was, my percentages were always low. I never matched with anyone more than about 68%. And the guys they matched me with were compatible with EVERYONE. They were the middle-of-the-road nice guys - they were usually B students and had one thing they were known for (good artist, athlete, nice car), They weren't the Renaissance Man/Golden Boys that populated my honors classes, nor were they the Bad Boy/Mysterious Strangers that populated homerooms across the country.

Suffice it to say, doubt I ever ended up on anyone's list, and even if I had - what exactly were we supposed to do with this treasure trove of data?

"Hey, Student X (name changed to protect the guilty). I know we've known each other since Kindergarten, and you and I once got paired in Seven Minutes in Heaven and you looked so terrified/grossed out that we just waited it out in silence, but this paper says we're 57% compatible. Want to go to IHOP for some coffee?"

I should explain. Back in the dark ages, before Starbucks, if you wanted coffee, you went to IHOP. And if you were lucky, and the waitress was in a good mood, she *might* let you order the Smiley Face Pancakes. Or if she was bitch, she'd bring the Chocolate Chip Pancakes, no smiley face.

At my High School, you didn't date casually. You were either part of a couple, or you weren't. For the most part, I wasn't. Even back then, I'm what Willa Smiths in "Dicey's Song" would have called "strong meat". I was friends with lots of guys, but I don't think they saw me in "that way".

Don't get me wrong, I had fun. I went to dances, I had crushes, I flirted...but I never ended up as the Homecoming Queen or Most Likely To... anything.

And that was fine, because in retrospect what are the odds that I would find my match in a pool that small. I mean, I know it happens. An alarming, ALARMING number of folks I went to high school with are now married to someone else I went to high school with - which is great, but... admittedly, weird.

Suffice it to say, there were no grand romantic gestures made in those days.

My Freshman year of college, my boyfriend sent roses on Valentine's Day. I was living in the sorority house at the time, and any time someone got flowers, they'd sit in the foyer, so that anyone coming in the front door could see that Jenny or Ashley or whoever got flowers. It was kind of a huge ego stroke. Well, my roommate made the passive-aggressive move of taking mine and putting them in our room, denying me and several dozen others the pleasure of seeing them on the table. It bugged me. It bugged me more when she spent the rest of the evening haranguing her boyfriend over the phone because she didn't get flowers. Finally, one of the mother hens in the house gently chided my roommate into letting me enjoy my gift guilt-free.

Matt sent tulips for Valentine's one year to the office when we were dating. They went over like gangbusters. He's sent flowers a handful of times, and I'll admit that I love them, but I think it's a lot of buck for a short-lived bang. And in the past few years, I've sent enough flowers to know how much buck it is.

I'm not a hopeless romantic. It's funny. My parents have always been masters of the gesture, but I didn't inherit the gift.

And that's OK. I do have a knack for picking out good cards, and I'll send those, but other than that...

I don't need candy, jewelry, lingerie or teddy bears to know I'm loved and lucky.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Low tolerance?

Last night, I woke up at 2AM with what I thought was terrible indigestion. What it ended up being is a gastro virus - either a bug or food poisoning.

I spent the rest of the night riding it out and writhing it out in the bathroom, and at 7AM, called my boss to tell him I wouldn't be in. In nearly 3 years at PureSafety I have never called in - even the night I spent in the ER with the abscessed tonsil, I came in on time that morning and never even mentioned it til months later.

Thankfully, the symptoms are mostly dormant at this point, and I mostly feel sore, feverish and weak. I am trying to get some Gatorade going, so that I don't dehydrate. I feel like absolute hell, though. And now, I'm worried Matt's got the same thing. He came home feeling dizzy and is camped out with Lola in the downstairs bedroom. No word on if the carnival ride of cramps and fluid loss have hit him - I'll leave him be for now.

So, while this day has sucked balls, I can say one good thing. When I get loopy from illness, I tend to get creative. In fact, while Lola was taking such good care of me, I came up with a pitch for a new primetime show on NBC: K-9 RN. The story of a medical practice which uses dogs to help calm, comfort and diagnose patients. Medical Drama like you've never seen it before. I mean, I believe that a Jane Leeves (Frasier) or a Melissa Leo (Homicide) would make it sing.

I'll be taking meetings next week.

I'm also working on a story about a beloved children's book character in modern day context. A hint? Upside-down house.

But for now, Gatorade.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

News, Gossip and Traffic on the 8s.

1. My Atlanta BFF Connie is pregnant. Due in August. Let the list of baby name suggestions begin. I am nothing if not helpful.

2. Review is written, submitted and waiting for my bossman to do his magic. In an attempt to take it lightly...whatevs.

3. I have a sore on the side of my tongue which catches on my molars whenever I talk. And I talk. A lot. Occupational hazard.

4. The snow is slowly melting, and I am ready to see it go. Matt isn't, and keeps talking about Denver, Portland and points West. I'm holding out for Munich or Paris.

5. I made a great casserole last night with rice, chix, broccoli, cream of broc soup and cheese. Mmm, salty.

6. We're revving up for chocolate season (Valentine's, Easter) and it still tastes weird.

7. I had a massage last night. On the client history form, it asked about any surgeries, and followed up by asking if I felt that I had recovered from them. I wrote "no" and underlined it. But I appreciated them asking. To be honest, I don't think that taste disturbances are going to limit my therapist's ability to deal with knots in my shoulders.

8. Big month for all things Canine. Lola celebrates her 11th Foundling Day on 2/13, and Westminster Kennel Club's dog show airs this moth. Love it!

And now, since I hit the eight, I'm going to go get into some traffic.