Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sabado Gigante


I'm going to take a little sabbatical from the blogosphere.  I kind of have my hands full with work, life and other stuff.

If you're a FB friend, you can catch me in short form there til I get back.

Don't worry, I'll be back.  Right now I just don't need the guilt of not updating my blog weighing on me.

Adios por uno poquito.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Killing it softly

I took yesterday off and it was AWESOME.  I highly recommend the occasional mental health day.

I ended up not getting the main thing done that I needed to do - buy a pair of jeans.

Not for lack of trying.  It's just that Macy's, JC Penney, Dillards, Kohls and Wal-Mart didn't have anything.

I'm going to Lane Bryant on my way out of town this afternoon.

For the love of all that is holy, I just wanted a dark rinse boot cut in a petite size.  Is that so much to ask?

I mean, let's get real - do I need to be wearing jeggings?

Approximate rendering of me in jeggings.

So I'm going to Lane Bryant.

And then Indiana.

The question is, should I stop for dinner at the Amish restaurant?

The answer?

To be determined.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Les neiges d'antan

So, I went grocery shopping this afternoon, and I noticed Honeycrisp apples in the produce section.  I got two.  They're really good, they're out of the Pacific NW, and I enjoy them a great deal. 

But then I realized that if it's Honeycrisp season, then, the time for peaches and watermelons is past.

And then, I realized I hadn't eaten a single peach this year.  And of the ONE watermelon I bought, I ate a serving and ended up tossing the rest.

And I don't think I did any corn on the cob.  Oh, wait.  Once.  And one or twice okra.  And no fresh squash from the Farmer's Market.  No tomato sandwiches.

Where the fuck did this summer go?

It occurs to me that I was on the road a bunch this summer, and I didn't cook much.

And that all summer I was just gutting it out from one thing to the next, "If I can just get through this week...If I can make it through July 4th...If I can make it through this training class...If I can just get off this plane...If I can just get home...If I can hold on while my therapist is out...If I can hang in there til I see Piper..."

That's how you kill a summer.

And if I've learned anything recently, I've learned that we get a finite number of summers. 

So starting now, I'm going to enjoy the day that I'm in.  And the ones that I prefer - the ones I couldn't wait for all summer, I'm going to really enjoy them.

But I really need to find more of the ones I want to have rather than the ones I've previously had to "get through".

When I got home, I ate half of one of the apples, with a little wildflower honey.  The honey and apple combo is a food eaten in the Jewish faith on Rosh Hashanah, which, as it happens, is today.

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year, and the sweet apples and honey are eaten in hopes of sweetness in the coming year.

So, let this be the start of a new year, a new season.  Renewed happiness.  How sweet it is!


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Shit, shit, shit.

I'm in New Hampshire.  Right near the Vermont border.  I'm in training with the nice people at this hospital in the middle of nowhere, and I have a raging sore throat.  RAGING.

I'm trying to figure out how it's going to go for the next three days.  We're training at the front desk, and I am overheated and feel vaguely feverish.  I think they could probably take my temp and find out, but who wants to touch a leper?

I am sure it's just sinus draining, but it's got me feeling like garbage, and I don't know exactly how I'm going to get through this.

It's lunch break time and the cafeteria has soup.  That's a start.  I'm going to hit up the gift shop on the way back.  So... we'll see.


Saturday, September 5, 2015


Last night, I was bored, so I went back and read two years worth of old posts on this blog.  I focused in on 2010 and 2011. 

It was funny because sometimes what I read was vague and I have no idea what I was referencing. Other times, I remembered exactly what I was trying to say. 

Plenty of foreshadowing - this was the era of hair cancer, and there are multiple mentions of this annoying cyst on my scalp.

Lola was first diagnosed with a heart murmur, Dad spent some time in the hospital, and I expressed concern for both of their futures.

I can read it now having gotten to both of their endings, and I think, "Huh, well that's how that turned out."

This was also the era of weight loss.  I read over the period of a few months how with a little effort, I lost a ton of weight.  And fell in love with my Weight Watchers group.

I mention several times how I'm traveling more (which seems laughable now).

There was the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat.  The heartbreak of psoriasis.

I made friends, I got my feelings hurt.  I sweated out performance reviews, I changed managers a bunch of times.  I loved people, I complained about people.

Basically, it was a lot of fun.  I hope that some day, I do it again and come across this.  So for then a few questions:

- Did you get to have dinner in Portland?

- Did you start back up on WW?

- How's Mom?

- How's Piper?

- Are you still in therapy?

- Are you still traveling all the damn time.

- Are you OK?  Really?

That's enough.

A bientot.


Friday, September 4, 2015

Say something.

Here's a little follow up to yesterday.

I found the email for the professor who taught the class I wrote about.  And I e mailed him.  He e mailed me back.

It went something like this:

Professor Meentemeyer,
Earlier this week, I was reading an article on where staff members were discussing a class they took that was especially meaningful to them.  They invited their readers to write in with the same.
I sent them a quick email about a class I took in 1995, and they published my response in an article this morning.

I wanted to send you a link, because it was your class:  Intro to Soil Sciences.  I was a Journalism major, and I took your class as part of my science requirement, and I really enjoyed it.
Your lectures were always interesting, and you made the subject come alive. You were incredibly patient with us and had a terrific sense of humor.  I thoroughly enjoyed studying science for the first time.
It has been a few years since I was a student, but I wanted to share the article with you and thank you for giving me the experience to learn from you.
Best regards,
Allison Breyer Everett
ABJ '97

He replied:

Ms. Everett.        

Thank you so much for your kind words.   We rarely get feedback of any kind, let alone the good kind.   I have been retired now for almost 10 years...really?.     It was a real joy for me to teach soils and biogeography.   For several years I kept my office to do research and advise graduate students, but the time came for me move on.  A young superstar from NASA filled my position.   That felt good.  I do hope that you received a good grade.  

Again thanks and all best wishes.....Vern

My point is this.  If you have the chance to tell someone something nice, do it.  I wish I had done that for my middle school French teacher - Madame Adams.  But I didn't and she's gone.

And by the way, I made a B in the class, so yeah, I did fine for myself.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Once again.

I read quite a bit because it's got a nice mix of articles.  This week they were featuring staff writers' discussions of the best class they ever took in school.  They invited readers to do the same and today they published some of the responses.  Mine made it in: 

Read the Article Here

None of us got credit for our answers, but mine is the one about Intro to Soil Sciences.

Special thanks for Vernon Meentemeyer for being an awesome professor who made class a lot of fun.

I like that mine was included, and it reminds me that I have a unique voice.  And that voice is going to get heard, one way or another.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

For Instance

Let's say that my boss came to me today and said, "Allison, we need to talk." 

He wants me to know that from now on, when I travel, I have to stay at Marriott Hotels.

But that's terrible.  I have like a gazillion Hilton points.  They have better options literally everywhere in the US.  You can't make me do that!

"Well, that's coming down from corporate, so you have to do it."

And I say no, I'm not going to do it.  And I keep booking at Hilton properties.  And I get away with it til accounting finds out, and they remind my boss that I need to book at Marriott properties.

Am I going to go to our corporate office and beg them to be a special snowflake at the Hilton?

No, because they will be handing me a box full of my personal shit and escorting my fired ass out the door.  Because I may be a decent trainer, but if you want to work here, you do your job. 

And in this case, it means I stay at Marriott.

This is a metaphor for this crazy lady:

Kim Davis: Servant of the Lord and Straight Kentucky Tax Payers

Kim, if your job is to issue marriage licenses, you don't get to pick who gets them.  Especially when the Supreme Court has already told you who is legal.

If God has commanded you not to do it, then pray to him to help you find you a different job where your narrow beliefs aren't challenged.

I personally think you misheard God's command.  I think what he has been trying to tell you is "Kim - quit being an asshat."

And for the record, I prefer Gay Marriage to Marriott Hotels, but they're both a right that anyone deserves to have.